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Here are some ways that you can utilize this resource to disciple new Japanese believers. 

15 Step Lessons (Textbook) Table of Contents  Leaders Guide  Sample Page 
15 Step Lessons is a series of Bible studies that help new Christians grow in the essentials of faith and knowledge of Scripture. Each lesson is designed to help establish a good foundation for Christian living. This bilingual edition is written in both English and Japanese. In this Textbook Version, Scripture and additional explanations are already printed. 
1: Leader uses the textbook and learners use the workbook.
– It’s good for leaders to look at all of the contents. In case you cannot think about things to say, it’s all there. 
– Learners need to fill in the blanks (textbook) preferably before meeting. It takes some time to do ‘homework’, but when they meet, the conversation flows better by sharing what they wrote and the questions they might have. More interaction is involved with the workbook so that people can learn the contents better this way. 
2: Both leader and learner use the textbook.
– Everything is written in the textbook so it’s easy to read it together. Stop after each paragraph and ask questions or share your experience. Leaders need to make an effort to be interactive. 
– Leaders don’t have much preparation work to use this simple book since it’s all there. Homework for learners can be reading it through one time. When you meet, learners can share what stood out the most and questions they have etc…. 
3: Both leader and learner use the workbook. 
– Both people need to do homework before meeting. There will be more conversation when you meet in sharing what you wrote. 

15 Step Lessons (Workbook)
The Workbook (with green grapes on the cover) has questions for the user to consider and space to write responses, but the Scripture and explanations are not printed to encourage more active study and interaction with the Bible itself. Both textbook and workbook can be used together or separately according to one’s needs.

Living as a Disciple of Christ
This is a Bible study textbook in Japanese. This is to provide a Scriptural look at the heart of disciples of Christ. 8 Chapters are provided to establishthe priorities that drive their lives. -1. Live in the Spirit 2. Live in Truth 3. Live by Faith 4. Live in Hope 5. Live in Love 6. Live for the Kingdom of God 7. Live for the Eternal 8. Live for the Glory of God
The original text is in English and is available for a free download. (Click here)

Identity in Christ
This is a Bible study textbook for Japanese Christians. The concept dealing with the identity in Christ is crucial for Christians to grow and become disciples of Christ. This book is available only in Japanese, but you can utilize this book as a gift or for conversation topics. It consists of 12 chapters including “You Were Made Righteous”, “The Holy Spirit Dwells in You”, “You Are Freed”, “You Were Called”, “You Are to Become Christ-Like”, etc…. 

Scripture Reading Booklet
This booklet has Bible Reading Charts (New Testament version). This booklet was created to encourage the idea that you can, “Read the Scripture in a fun way!” New believers need something simple in order to gain a habit of Scripture reading. This resource can be a great gift or you can be an accountability partner to read the Bible together using this reading chart.

Scripture Memory Cards
About 100 verses have been compiled on convenient cards (You can cut them into business card sizes). They are bilingual and organized by topics. “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17) They can be utilized in many ways such as for devotions, meditation and study, or as a memorizing challenge in a small group setting.