Second Level Ministry Internship
“Guiding Your God-Given Passion to Reach Japanese”

Mission: To equip disciples by providing an immersive disciple-making experience among the Japanese.
Looking for:

❏ Those who are interested in serving among the Japanese
❏ Those who are seeking the next step in their ministry life
❏ Those who want to be trained in cross-cultural disciple-making

(Internship Synopsis)

Did you know that the Japanese are the 2nd largest unreached people group in the world?
Japan is less than 1% Evangelical Christian, making it still the 2nd largest unreached people group in the world.

We have a great opportunity to serve God through serving others.  Apply to our 3 Month Internship for those aspiring to make disciples among the Japanese.  If you are an aspiring cross-cultural worker interested in reaching the unreached Japanese people group, and have a desire to grow as a mentor and multiplying disciple (Matthew 28:19-20 and 2 Timothy 2:2), we would love to have you experience our ministries!

This will be a low-cost internship that will provide opportunities to interact and spend time with Japanese college students and local ATL Japanese families.  Our aim is to strategically develop friendships and relationships with the students and families.  This will be a great way to gain
exposure into doing Japanese ministry by joining as a member on our disciple making team.  Interns will get to serve alongside full-time missionaries and disciple-makers gaining valuable Japanese cultural experience.

We want our interns to become future laborers to the Japanese by becoming equipped to make disciples through hands-on experience.  We also want existing and potential Second Level mentors to have the opportunity to gain experience making disciples in community.  You’ll get put into practice Christian principles like prayer, building bridges, sowing seeds of the Gospel, and mentoring believers.  We hope in your time with us that you will make a disciple of someone who has never heard of Jesus, Lord willing!

Dates: Start: February 23rd (Tuesday) and Finish: May 31st (Sunday)
Required attendance at the orientation – 2-23-21 to 2-27-21

* We have some flexibility to customize the plans, according to your needs and interests.  

Costs: Minimum/Base cost – about $1000 per month (Depends on your situation: The expense cost is for Rent, Food, Gas, Books, Spending money, Plane ticket (if flying), and Other bills. IE. Health Ins. Car Ins. Life Ins., etc.) 

Support raise minimum -$150/month  (We will coach the process.  This also serves as a training for support raising and being involved in missions with partners.) 


What: As part of an immersive disciple-making experience, you will:

– Grow closer to Jesus
– Be mentored toward your ministry calling
– Be coached in ministry skills practically
– Practice evangelism with the Japanese
– Make disciples as a team
– Be involved in a multiplicative Japanese church plant

– Increase your biblical knowledge
– Learn about missions
– Study Japanese     

– Learn about and visit Japanese churches
– Begin learning a new language

*Ministry resources: includes, but is not limited to Reaching Japanese for Christ (RJC) online academy /webinars (Once a month), Culture Specific Evangelism (CSE) course(es), books, and other educational videos, programs, and lectures.

JCCA (Japanese Christian Community in Atlanta) and Second Level Ministry activities
you’ll be involved in:

■  JCCA Corporate Worship on Sunday afternoon
■  English cafe and other general outreach events for Japanese
■  Missional Community
■  Japanese ministry trainings (see *Ministry resources above)
■  Weekly Intern Staff meeting
■  Weekly Coaching meeting
■  Weekly Team Bible Study 
■  Monthly Second Level discipleship meeting
■  Monthly Second Level Prayer meeting
■  RJC Academy
■  Monthly Reflections
■  Sightseeing with students

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Second Level Ministry – Internship Contact Info

Matthew Barany
Director of Mobilization